Why Use Genusity?

Why Use Genusity? Advertising and Income

Every business needs effective ways to advertise their products and services. That used to mean ads in newspapers or commercials on radio and television. Today it means getting ads seen on smartphones because that is where so many people are looking for hours every day.

Genusity can help you do that. All you do is buy one or more of their very affordable proximity marketing devices, and then pay as little as $15 a month to get ads shown on smartphones both within the range the devices, and also on websites displayed within 50 miles of any zip or postal code.

Being able to have your ads seen within 50 miles of any zip or postal code means that living in a small town or rural area won’t limit the outreach of your advertising. If you want, you can have your ads seen by those living in highly populated cities.

Those are the benefits of using the Genusity beacons for your advertising. If you want, you can also be an associate and earn a residual income from those who purchase these units from you or from your referrals.

As good as these advertising devices and services are, you may wonder whether you would be able to successfully promote them to others. You might not be a natural born salesperson. You might not know how to ask the right questions so people sell themselves rather than you come across as selling to them.

The founders of Genusity, Tim Sebert and Randy Travis, care about helping you succeed, and one great way they do that is to provide 4 live webinars each week that you can attend, and that you can invite others to attend. You can let them do the explaining, and then they’ll invite the attendees to sign up under whoever invited them to the webinar.

When are those webinars?

Monday and Wednesday at 9:00 PM EST
Thursday and Saturday at 2 PM EST

To register for the next upcoming webinar, use this URL

You can let them know that it was me, Joe Coon, who invited you to the webinar. Meanwhile, to learn more about what this company can do for you, click this banner:

Genusity Advertising Network (GAN)

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