Quit Smoking Or..?

How do I clean my lungs?

  1. Fact is that you cannot clean out your lungs. If you smoke, quit smoking. That is the most important step. But for those who never have smoked there is no way to clean out your lungs. Ex-smokers will notice some brownish phlegm come up every once in a while for several years after quitting. This is old tar from the cigarette smoke that is excreted by the mucous glands from the bronchial tubes and the smaller airways, called bronchioles. The remainder of the tar is visible on the surface of the lungs like a tattoo for the rest of your life.
  2. When I was sectioning corpses as part of my anatomy training in medical school, you could see who had been a smoker and who was not. Look at the photos below. The difference is that drastic!

The only thing you can do is to prevent inhaling cigarette smoke by becoming or staying a non-smoker. Also, avoid super-polluted areas of the planet like Beijing or Delhi as pollution also enters your lungs and stays there partially.

3. I have read so many misleading answers to this question. People are suggesting that hot steam inhalations would work cleaning the lungs out. They do not. You get rid of some secretions, but you are not removing the deposited tar on the lung surface, which is incorporated into the lung cells. Meditation, eating broccoli sprouts, green tea, eating a Mediterranean diet are also not removing the tar deposits from the pleural surface of the lungs. I agree that preventative steps like not smoking, stopping to smoke when you are still a smoker, will all be helpful in preventing further damage. But they do not remove the tar deposits from your lungs.

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