Do We Need The Law?

Credit to Phillip Smith
I will expand on some of what they said: If we are under Grace since the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ, do we need some of the law or parts of the law to keep us straight? Ok! Here is the answer to that question as per my understanding of the scriptures. The law (The Ten Commandments) came by Moses and was given to the Jews. It was designed by God to show Israel his purity and holiness. Should they be able to walk perfectly under the law, they would receive certain blessings as in Deuteronomy 28. However, if they could not, they would come under the curses in Deuteronomy 28. Simple so far. As it turns out, no man had the holiness of God and could not keep all the law. Even if they kept all the law EXCEPT for one point, they were guilty of all the law. The law was still holy, just, and good. But man was weak in that he was born into sinful flesh, therefore it was never in man to obey the whole law because of the weakness of the flesh. Enter Jesus! He was God incarnate. He was also the son of man and dwelt in the flesh like all men and was tempted like one and all, yet he lived without sin, and perfect under the law. Therefore, he fulfilled all the requirements of the law. As a result, all who confess Christ receive the blessings and promises for their belief without any of the works of the law. Holiness was imputed to all who believe without any works of the law. The Gentiles were NEVER under the law. Remember, the law was given to the Jews, not the Gentiles who are everybody but Jews. Those Gentiles are US. Christ died for both Jew and Gentile. If we believe on Christ, we receive his blessing of Eternal Life. We did not deserve it, but it was imputed to us for God loved us. Now, if you have been imputed eternal life, you also are imputed holiness and righteousness though you never walked one day in those attributes. Since there are NONE righteous, Christ, who lived perfect under the law gave to us his righteousness for which we did not work. It is a gift. All you have to do is believe. In fact, God had already predestined all men to be saved without the law before the foundation of the world by writing you, yours, and my name in the Lamb’s Book of Life. There is no Book of Death. If you can hear that, confess Christ as your savior, and you just became a Son of God walking in all his predetermined blessings reserved just for you. Man has had trouble with these promises from the beginning of time, for they seek some justification by their own works of righteousness. It is an impossible task and will do nothing but frustrate your soul because of your inadequacies. God has chosen us to be saved by Grace through faith, without the works of the law. Once you have been saved by that grace, don’t seek to be justified with any part of the law. The law for us and the Jew has been done away. If you seek to be justified by your own works, Paul says you have fallen from Grace. So, how can one walk righteously and please God everyday? Don’t worry about the small things or big things. That same Grace will empower you to walk holy. Just let it work in your life. “But, don’t we all sin everyday” some say. Once again, God has taken care of that too. His blood had washed away all your sins, past, present, and future. You stand justified in his sight. Some might say, then grace gives us a license to sin. God forbid. Grace instructs and empowers us to live holy in his sight. Does the law still exist. Yes! But, it is not a requirement for the righteous which you are. The law is for the law breaker. It is designed to be a tutor to show the ugly sinfulness of one’s life. Remember, all are born into sin or have a sin nature which must be atoned for which Christ did. So, once Christ is formed in your heart, the tutor (law) is done away with. Having said that and knowing many more questions could be gendered, I recap. You are not under the law and never were. You are under grace which Christ gave you as a gift. You can’t improve on that. You have been justified by an all Holy God who has imparted to you his holiness and righteousness. Relax, and let God do his perfect work in you.

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